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Intelligent App samples, showcasing Azure OpenAI capabilitiesΒΆ

Repo Description Services
Azure-Samples/miyagi Miyagi - Envisiong sample for intelligent apps Azure OpenAI (AOAI), AKS, Cosmos DB, APIM, Copilot Stack
Azure/reddog-solutions Reddog - Cloud-native transformation with AOAI AOAI, AKS, Cosmos DB, Azure HuggingFace
microsoft/semantic-memory/examples Index and query any data using LLM and natural language, tracking sources and showing citations Azure Cognitive Search, Azure Blobs, Azure Queues
microsoft/semantic-kernel/apps Semantic Kernel (SK) samples apps Cosmos DB, App Service, AOAI
microsoft/semantic-kernel-starters Starter Projects for Semantic Kernel AOAI, Semantic Kernel
azure-samples/semantic-kernel-rag-chat Tutorial for ChatGPT + Enterprise Data with Semantic Kernel, OpenAI, and Azure Cognitive Search Azure Cognitive Search, AOAI
Azure-Samples/azure-search-openai-demo Retrieval-Augmented Generation pattern using Azure Cognitive Search for retrieval and Azure OpenAI Azure Cognitive Search
Azure-Samples/openai The repository for all Azure OpenAI Samples complementing the OpenAI cookbook. Azure OpenAI (AOAI)
microsoft/azure-openai-in-a-day-workshop Technical workshop on Azure OpenAI capabilities AOAI
microsoft/OpenAIWorkshop workshop materials to build intelligent solutions on Open AI AOAI, Power, SQL
microsoft/Customer-Service-Conversational-Insights-with-Azure-OpenAI-Services solution accelerator to extract insights from customer conversations Cognitive Search, Bot Framework, Speech
dbarkol/openai-plugins-apim ChatGPT plugin with Azure API Management integration AOAI, APIM
ahmedbham/azure-openai-api-levelup Tutorials on using Azure OpenAI API in building intelligent applications AOAI, Functions, Event Grid, SK
Azure-Samples/openai-python-enterprise-logging Enterprise Azure OpenAI reference architecture AOAI, APIM, Monitor, AAD
Azure/azure-openai-samples collection of code samples illustrating how to use Azure Open AI in creating AI solution for various use cases across industries AOAI, Cognitive Services, Power
Azure-Samples/azure-search-openai-demo-csharp sample app for the Retrieval-Augmented Generation pattern running in Azure AKS, ACA, Redis, Load Testing, Monitor
Azure/business-process-automation Business process automation solution accelerator using Azure services Event Hubs, Cog Services, Functions
Azure-Samples/openai-plugin-fastapi ChatGPT Plugin running in Codespaces for dev and Azure for production Plugin, AZD
Azure-Samples/openai-dotnet-samples Azure OpenAI .NET Samples AOAI, dotnet
ruoccofabrizio/azure-open-ai-embeddings-qna OpenAI-enabled document search Cognitive Services, AOAI
xuhaoruins/Azure-OpenAI-App-Innovation-Workshop Azure OpenAI App Innovation Workshop AOAI
jakeatmsft/AzureOpenAIExamples several examples, organized by capabilities and use cases AOAI, Cog Services
denlai-mshk/aoai-fwdproxy-funcapp Boost up 4x Request per minute for your AOAI Resources AppGw, Functions, AOAI
diemus/azure-openai-proxy proxy for Azure OpenAI API that can convert an OpenAI request into an Azure OpenAI request AOAI
pablomarin/GPT-Azure-Search-Engine Azure Cognitive Search + Azure OpenAI Accelerator Cosmos DB, App Service, Cognitive Search, SQL Database, Storage
amulchapla/AI-Powered-Call-Center-Intelligence Solution accelerator for Call Centers Cognitive Services, PowerBI, SQL, Storage