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Inspired by Github Copilot's impact on developer productivity, this experiential workshop is designed to demonstrate how you can infuse similar intelligence and product experience into traditional software systems. Using Microsoft's Copilot stack and practical use cases, this workshop will guide you in envisioning and creating intelligent systems and agents that integrate foundation models throughout all stages of application development - from design and user experience to deployment, resulting in improved productivity and hyper-personalized product experiences.

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📺 For a preview, catch the recording on Cosmos DB Live TV. For an overview on mental models, see this video from Semantic Kernel's Channel.

By leveraging design thinking, Project Miyagi, and art-of-the-possible examples (with samples and skills from Semantic Kernel (SK), Miyagi, and Reddog), this workshop offers a comprehensive, hands-on exploration of how foundation models can augment your applications with intelligence to create hyper-personalized product experiences and improve productivity. We will also have an Architecture Design Session (ADS) to unlock and operationalize the full potential of AI-infused applications for your organization.


Topics for the workshop


Please signup for Azure OpenAI (AOAI) and complete Getting started with AOAI module to benefit from this workshop

  1. Exploring the Art of the Possible with Miyagi and Semantic Kernel (SK) demos: Engage in interactive demonstrations to envision the potential applications of SK and Miyagi.
  2. Design Thinking Session: A collaborative brainstorming activity to identify your idiosyncratic use cases, focusing on addressing user needs and alleviating pain points, so that the workshop will be relevant for you.
  3. Introduction to Assistants API and Semantic Kernel (SK): A comprehensive presentation to familiarize participants with the fundamentals of SK, agent-like orchestration, and goals-first AI.
  4. End-to-End Application Lifecycle Workshop featuring Miyagi: Gain hands-on experience in incorporating SK primitives into the entire application lifecycle, including leveraging SK skills and prompt engineering to orchestrate complex flows with Azure OpenAI models.

  5. Architecture Design Session: Dive into the intricacies of designing a robust and effective system architecture to support intelligent app development.


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